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Reduce complexity and grow your company with Vyapari App & ERP software. The most extensive, integrated and effective platform designed to manage, track and control your business.

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Easy to Use

You can perform all your pre-accounting transactions in seconds with its user-friendly design and you can easily access your past records.

Access from Anywhere

You can record your invoices quickly and easily from anywhere you have internet access and follow up your collection / payment transactions with your customers / suppliers.

Quality Reliable Service

35 Years of Quality and Assurance in the Industry Address Logo Software’s Online Pre-Accounting Program Logo Job You can use safely.



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Online Pre-Accounting for Micro-Businesses

Alone Employees

You instantly record your purchase / sale and collection / payment transactions and manage time efficiently. Thus; You can focus more on sales while less time on operational works.

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Business Team

You will be aware of all transactions and follow the status of the business better. Thus; You can make better decisions in the management of your business.

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Logo There are many reasons to switch to İşbaşı

“E-Invoice and e-Archive We do not pay an extra fee to the invoice.”

Emre Baytar – CrasIT

We do not need to top up the e-invoices that we send with Logo İşbaşı.

“I no longer get lost between Excel files.”

Tuğba Nur Erzurumlu – Creator Station

Collection and payment tracking with companies faster and easier to perform.

" Uz We can instantly access data from anywhere we want. ”

Kerem Erdir – Nerdir Systems

Whether you are in the office or with our customer, all the information is there with Logo İşbaşı wherever we are.

e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice Package

174.30 ₺ + KDV 249.00₺ + KDV
  • ✔ Free e-Invoice advice
  • ✔Tracking of incoming e-invoices
  • ✔e-Invoice acceptance-reject transactions
  • ✔Android and iOS mobile use
  • ✔Up to 100 credits per month

Pre-Accounting Package

349.30 ₺ + KDV 499.00₺ + KDV
  • ✔14 Days Free Trial
  • ✔Issue purchase / sales invoice
  • ✔Order tracking
  • ✔Editing a self-employment receipt
  • ✔Current account tracking
  • ✔Collection and payment tracking
  • ✔Cash and bank transaction tracking
  • ✔Inventory tracking
  • ✔Customer check entry
  • ✔Customized invoice template
  • ✔Android and iOS mobile us

e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice Package and Pre-Accounting Package

475.30 ₺ + KDV 679.00₺ + KDV
  • ✔ e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice Package
  • ✔Pre-Accounting Package
  • ✔Two Packages Together 9% More Advantage

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