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Cost Distribution Slips

This video helps to know what is cost distribution and how cost is distributed to material

Analysis Dimensions

Analysis Dimension templates are used to record the distribution of account transactions into analysis dimensions and projects

Cheque Tracking

This video shows how cheque transactions like cheque received , cheque issued are recorded in Jugnu.

Fiscal Close Period

This video shows how we can transfer the balances from revenue and expense account to profit and loss account and how to transfer the balances from current year to next year.

Exchange Rate Differences

This video shows how exchange rate transactions works in Jugnu.

Quick Production Slips

This video show how to create finished and raw materials , how to attach child materials with finished goods and how to perform quick production slips transactions in Jugnu.


This video show how to create campaign and to run it during transactions

Material set

This video show how to create single product by combining different components.

Debit Credit note

This video shows how to create link between debit and credit values that used to follow up the invoices and its payment or collection.

Cycle Counts

This video shows how adjustments are made in Jugnu . We can either increase or decrease the inventory.

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