Case Studies

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Manufacturing is all about capital investment toward research and innovation besides
production and sales. As the business grows, easy scalability of IT infrastructure becomes
a must for a manufacturer’s success. That’s exactly what PLUSS Advanced Technologies
had started experiencing in the recent past.

India’s leading materials research and manufacturing company, PLUSS manufactures
specialty polymeric additives used for enhancing polymer properties and phase change
materials (PCMs) for thermal energy storage. This 25-year old company used legacy
accounting tools to automate its operations. With sustained high growth of several years
those tools proved incapable of comprehensively meeting its growing business needs. It
needed an ERP automation tool that was not only flexible, cost-efficient but could also be
deployed fast enterprise wide.

PLUSS carried out a detailed vendor selection exercise comparing available brand options
on quality, flexibility, implementation speed, user experience, and cost parameters. It
zeroed in upon Jugnu, a cloud-powered, GST ready and globally renowned ERP software
from Logo Infosoft.

Deployment of Logo Jugnu was simple and speedy. It came with all the flexbility needed to
incorporate specific requirements of the company’s IT team as well as business users.

Comprehensive coverage: Jugnu covers all the important functions and processes of
a manufacturing set-up including Material Management, Purchase Management, Sales
Management, General Ledger, and Finance.

Light-speed implementation: Most top ERP brands take multiple quarters if not years
to deploy. Then there are time overruns due to updates and last-minutecustomisations.
In contrast, Jugnu ERP went live in less than seven weeks, providing immense time
for the PLUSS leadership to accelerate its aggressive business expansion plans as

Scalability: Jugnu ensures speedy and end-to-end automation of the continuously
growing business operations of PLUSS, such as new branches being added,
newbusiness divisions being incorporated, and new functions being augmented.

Easy customisations: Jugnu covers every unique process of PLUSS while delivering
customisations on the fly.

Bird’s eye view: The user-specific dashboards of Jugnu help PLUSS management to
get real-time insights into specific business aspects. It also provides them with a bird’s
eye perspective of the entire business operations.

Simplifies compliance: Users can view and download reports as and when required.
Accounts and finance teams can download and email forms such as for IT returns
or GSTR filing in simple JSON or Excel format, thus simplifying tax compliance.

Training: As Jugnu covers every aspect of business, it is easier for team heads to train
their staff members using an intuitive user interface of the tool.
Post-implementation, PLUSS is able to concentrate on its core business strategy. With
Jugnu on its side, today it is focusing on its next ambitious plan establishing global
business footprint for its business.