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Logo Jugnu - Order to Cash

The order to cash process encompasses the financial and business processes that link buyers and suppliers when they work together. It starts when buyers and suppliers connect to transact business and ends with the financial processes that close the deal.

Sales’ planning is the process of deciding or setting the objectives and strategies to achieve them. The three main objectives where JUGNU ERP contributes to achieve are sales volume, contribution to profits and continuing growth. It is important to simplify your order to cash cycle with JUGNU ERP to increase the volume, profit and continuing growth. JUGNU order-to-cash solution that provides capabilities for customers, partners and employees to select the right products and services, negotiate the best prices and ensure a timely fulfilment in different scenarios of one or multiple sales orders, single or multiple dispatches and one or multiple invoices. JUGNU captures a complete order that consists of product selection, pricing and promotions and JUGNU has Capability of tracking unit item cost based on time & location of its purchase; which will help customer know accurate profitability every single time. JUGNU reduces operational costs through faster order entry reduced order errors and reduced manual steps for timely fulfilment of specific order/order line. Not only it is flawless in order execution, it allows all the information to flow to back end systems such as inventory, procurement, financials etc.

An effective organisation structure would help organising sales and achieve targets and goals; Logo JUGNU helps each single end user with or without full access rights to configure his own reporting needs including formula based representation without any support of IT.

JUGNU records customer information such as customer GST details, address, communication information and sales representative details. It also maintains list of existing sales person and tag it individually with particular customer. This will help management in coordinating and directing the responsibility and work to proper channels to achieve targets.

Not only JUGNU helps management but it also helps sales executives and other employees to track order information. Sales person can know about status of order from JUGNU when it will update record of price, batch dispatch and batch approval of sales invoice. JUGNU also defines payment plan along with sales order days and shipment days for customer, which helps in tracking payment records of customer. Sales person can know when to renew or make fresh contract as JUGNU defines contract period, customer details, payment plan, collateral amount info and material info in sales contract function.

It is from above data that allows sales person to set different price for different customers as per the location, size of order and schedule of despatches. When we say location it can mean inside the country or any other country, but with LOGO JUGNU multi-currency and multi-language is not an issue, as its JAVA capabilities allow printing of invoices in multiple languages. JUGNU also auto calculates GST details on a Sales Order based on shipping warehouse and customer location, thereby helping tax department, company and customer to comply with current tax laws.


Logo Jugnu ERP - Order to Cash Process


When we talk of coordination, role of Sales Manager is important. He not only coordinates internally with his sales executives and team, but also with other departments and management of the company. In case of his team he has to see that targets are achieved with budgetary allocation within given time period. For that he has to do sales promotions and campaigns from time to time and JUGNU during sales campaigns defines all details of sales promos including when to apply formula based promo, discount and helps to create user defined variables. Sales Manager has to coordinate with production and stores to see that there is sufficient stock of raw material and production department is able to manufacture goods as per the requirement. So that goods reach the warehouse on time and then despatched from warehouse on time to reach customer as promised.

It is also easy for sales manager to coordinate with accounts department as with JUGNU, distribution and Order Route can be selected and mapped to Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable and classify the orders according to that. It is therefore easier for accounts department and sales manager to track and resolve the issues related to the payments, revenue and overdue payments.

Another important function of sales manager is sales control; with JUGNU order to cash solution the performance of each person can be compared with their targets. Advanced Formula driven functions can be created by using logical operators with help of JUGNU order to cash solution to do the analysis.  One can perform accurate accounting for purchase, sales and accounting transactions, irrespective of unit of measure for every single item, therefore it is easy to have controls on inventory, purchases, revenue and expenses by using data from JUGNU ERP.

To conclude, JUGNU ERP developed by Logo Infosoft, helps organizations, especially SMEs, improve their core operations through innovative use of technology and designed to enhance operational excellence in their primary business processes.

LOGO ERP software have built-in features to provide sales analysis reports. These sales reports can help you in achieving business growth by tracking sales performance in real time. Contact us for a demo.