A Smart Solution for the Present, A Safe Investment for the Future…

Jugnu* , the free GST Ready ERP software from Logo, is a new generation business management solution catering to the requirements of corporations looking for scalable and open solutions. It helps in improving the efficiency of business processes in each step of the value chain.
*Jugnu is Logo’s registered trademark in India. | J-guar 3 is Logo’s registered trademark in Eastern Europe.

Jugnu ERP - Key Differentiators

  • Technology platform independence. Start at open source operating system, database, middle ware. And browser of choice.  Scale up to commercial platforms of choice
  • Operational excellence. Very few screens to work on. Simple to use
  • Multi company. Multi-currency. Multi calendar. Multi language capabilities
  • Same solution on private & public cloud infrastructure
  • Flexible & comprehensive costing functionality. Six methods of costing supported. Two by default. Amazing functionality to check cost by the day
  • Built-in Chart of Accounts templates for accelerated implementation
  • Document sequencing functionality is core in the design. Flexible and needs no coding.
  • GST compliant. Pre-configured & GST Ready – GSTR reports out of the box
  • Logo Platform Tailor for Partners. Toolkit for customizations which require no coding. Create your own add-on functionality at almost no cost

Sales Management

JUGNU Sales Management is an order-to-cash solution that provides capabilities for customers, partners and employees to select the right products and services, negotiate the best prices and ensure timely fulfillment.

  • Fast access to customer transactions
  • Easily manage mother & sub company transactions
  • Multi shipment and invoice addresses per account
  • Tracks potential customer records and fosters customer portfolio, and controls the financial exposure
  • Proposals & sale commissions
  • Dynamic & powerful pricing
  • Manage Material & service price changes
  • Formulated & parametric payment plans
  • Automatic calculation of discounts and expenses
  • Conditional sales promotions and flexible campaigns

Materials Management

JUGNU Inventory Management offers an integrated inventory, fulfillment, cost management suite that is designed to automate, streamline, and control your inventory, manage complex demand and supply scenarios and processes.

  • Tracks and manages materials
  • Operation quality & inventory costs
  • Variety of products in a hierarchical structure
  • Monitors consignments
  • Alternative materials
  • Fully integrated to other modules

Purchasing Management

Real-time inventory visibility helps maximize your revenues by ensuring that enough goods are available through just-in-time purchase to fulfill customer orders while keeping inventory levels and costs optimum.

  • Defines Conditional purchasing prices
  • Automatic surcharge & discount calculations
  • Alternative material usage
  • Batch updates
  • Schedules material and service pricing changes
  • Schedules purchase shipments
  • Automated notifications

Financial Accounting

  • Account Payable/Receivable Definitions
  • Automatic checking of customer risk limits & alerts
  • AR/AP risk adjustments
  • Defining multiple shipment addresses and accounts for a customer
  • Payment and collection plans
  • Customer reminders, AR/AP reminder announcements
  • Cross exchange rates in debit closings
  • AR/AP xChange Diff. calculations
  • Displaying reports in transaction or reporting currencies
  • Uses multiple chart of accounts to follow multinational company’s accounts in local currency & global currency
  • Enter exchange rates daily or periodically
  • Download exchange rates from portals
  • Check debit and credit of an AP or AR with a  single keystroke
  • Cash forecasting and debit/credit tracking
  • AR/AP debit closing transactions
  • Automatic debit closing by using multiple debit transaction
  • Safe deposits and bank transactions
  • Check/promissory notes
  • Collateral and letter of guarantee operations
  • Track financial investments such as shares
  • Credit card transactions, POS integration
  • Customize predefined financial tables
  • Restrict access using authorization and security features
  • View reports in multiple account code levels

The GST Ready ERP!

Jugnu ERP is packed with rich capabilities for GST, making compliance simple for businesses. Jugnu ERP has been designed with automatic GST calculation on transactions in line with the GST rules. The algorithm to default tax on the transactions is inbuilt in the system, which can further be modified to suit specific business needs.

The ERP comes pre-configured with the list of HSN/SAC Codes. Hence, the setups requirements are minimal. It handles all GST Invoicing / Billing needs from simple invoices to advanced ones with multiple items and multiple rates. It also allows you to designate unique GL Codes for each tax type (CGST, SGST, IGST), Transaction types (Purchase, Purchase Returns, Sales, Sales Returns) and GST Registered units combination. With this, your GST return will be in sync with your books of accounts and thus will save time spent on reconciliation. You can generate GSTR reports for each GST registered units in JSON format and upload directly in the GSTN portal of India.

Lean Manufacturing Features

Lean Manufacturing in JUGNU is a powerful accounting tool in shop floor production and manufacturing. In Lean Manufacturing, all inputs (child finished goods) used in the production of the finished good are saved together with the material. Thus, the user recorded BOM (Bill of Materials) data will effectively be used in the production of the material of Finished Goods.

By using Quick Production Slip, one can select the finished good to be produced and then generate Usage, Scrap, and Input from Production Slips. This is done automatically by calculating the production and input quantities specified in the BOM. It also defines parameters for negative, minimum or maximum quantities which alerts the user at the time of production.

  • Streamlines procurement of direct, indirect goods and services.
  • Maintains informed inventory management decisions real-time as well as historical data.
  • Coordinates manufacturing operations locally and enterprise-wide.


New E-way Bill Integration

Zero Tension for E-way bill integration with accounting system!

Logo Jugnu helps you to integrate e-way bills easily in your Accounts. System captures all mandatory data for the E-way Bill. For eg. HSN codes, Warehouse address, invoice number, value of goods etc. Also get detailed Reports & History of the E-way bills generated.