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LOGO e-Reconciliation, developed with the aim of enabling your company to manage ‘GST Invoice Matching’ process more easily. Invoicing Matching is very important because, under the GST law, the input tax credit of purchased services and goods will be available only when the inward supply details filed in buyer’s GSTR-2 return matches the outward supplies details filed in supplier’s GSTR-1.

GSTR files, Account Receivables/Payables current balance and detail transaction reconciliations are now made easy. All kind of reconciliations either GSTR reconciliations made by yourself or reconciliations with counter parties like suppliers/customers are now at ease of sending e-mails via e-reconciliation system instead of making phone calls, sending mail or fax manually. Most important part is you can ensure that a large number of replies are gathered electronically by the system on your behalf and matched automatically.

3 Step Reconciliation Process

Your company’s reconciliation processes are completed in 3 steps
Enjoy convenience by saving time.
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    Enter the Excel format you receive from your ERP system or ASP to introduce them as a template for once in the e-Reconciliation system, then export your Excel files directly to e-Reconciliation without any customization anymore.

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    Check the reconciliation records uploaded to the system on the screen, then you may send the records selected or all the records in the list to the related counterparties by e-mail with a single button.

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    Follow the responses to your reconciliations, either in graphical summary reports or by entering the details of the records. Provide an increase in the number of respondents by maintaining the system to automatically resubmit to the customers who did not respond for a certain period.


The many benefits provided by digital transformation in e- Reconciliation:


You can speed up your filing processes on the web by eliminating manual reconciliation via phone, email, or fax. You can compare two extracts of hundreds of lines within seconds.


With Logo e-Reconciliation you can save employees’ time and expenses on manual process, by managing your reconciliation processes over the web.


Disputes related to reconciliations can be solved online through the system; you can check the completed and approved reconciliations from the portal.


Regardless of your current accounting/ ERP software, you can use Logo e-Reconciliation for complete reconciliation with customers or suppliers.


You can facilitate your retro invoice inquiry processes by preventing loss of incoming / outgoing invoices. With detailed reporting, you can easily compile the information so that your outgoing reconciliation letters reach the other party.


You can instantly transfer your reconciliation data to excel via web to the port without the need for any programming.


With the application we have developed, you can determine the reconciliation differences by comparing the Extras in a very short time.


You can enable the system to resend mail automatically to the unresponsive companies.

Data security is under control with Logo e-Reconciliation

All safety precautions have been taken for the management and control of your data in the Logo e-Reconciliation. The Logo e-Reconciliation system keeps your infrastructure secure by encrypting your data, & allows to process data only according to the authentication levels and IP addresses that you authorize.


How do I get started with the Logo e-Reconciliation solution?

To start using the Logo e-Reconciliation solution, simply click the Subscribe button in the top right-hand corner and enter your membership details, then click on the confirmation link which will send to your e-mail address.

Which of my reconciliation can be done with the Logo e-Reconciliation?

GSTR files, Account Receivables/Payables current balance and detail transaction reconciliations can be done through the Logo e-Reconciliation system. In case of not coming to an agreement, the extracts that are sent mutually are compared over the system so the differences can be detected.

Is it necessary to be the company with whom I’m doing reconciliation the user of Logo e-Reconciliation?

The company to be reconciled does not have to be the e-Reconciliation user. The reconciliation letter will go to the authorised email address of the company and the authorized person will be able to reply to reconciliation by clicking the link on the email.

Is it necessary to have one of the Logo ERP solutions to use Logo e-Reconciliation?

Not needed. Logo e-Reconciliation application can work independently from Logo ERP solutions.

Is the Logo e-Reconciliation solution integrated with ERP systems?

Logo e-Reconciliation solution is integrated with Logo ERP families.
The reconciliation can be sent directly through ERP and the answers can be monitored via ERP. There are services to be integrated with different ERP applications. Integration with different applications can be provided by special work.

How do I know if the reconciliations I send get to the other party or not?

The Details section of each reconciliation line shows in detail whether the mail is received by the opposite party (or reached to the opposite party), and if not, the cause of the error.

How is the fee calculated for the Logo e-Reconciliation solution?

The Logo e-Reconciliation solution can be used without any constraints for the next 2 months of membership. After 2 months, the system can be used by purchasing the Logo credit. You can contact the sales team at sales@logoinfosoft.com for details.

Is there a formal validity for reconciliation letters sent with Logo e-Reconciliation solution?

There is no legal validity for e-mail, SMS and fax sent by Logo e-reconciliation system.  In order for responses that are sent / received to have a legal value, reconciliation mails should be sent from your company’s registered electronic mail  to the registered electronic mail   of the opposite company and the response should be received from the registered electronic mail    of the opposite company.

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