Logo ERP brings more flexibility and efficiency in receipt, billing and shipment processes for this large Auto Spare Parts Retailer.

Logo ERP Automates Manual Processes

Oto Doğu saved about 3 hours of time in its day-to-day operations with web-based J-guar.

Oto Doğu, which started its operations in the retail sector from 1976, offers wholesale sales and distribution services of automotive spare parts since 1994. Oto Doğu, which has been using Logo solutions since 1995, has integrated the technology such as shelf number, barcode for wholesale applications with Logo solutions in 2000. Oto Doğu is currently executing all wholesale business processes with J-guar, (called Jugnu in India) the web-based ERP solution of Logo.


Flexible & efficient processes for receipt, billing and shipments:

Oto Doğu, which has warehouses in Antalya, Konya and Bursa, distributes spare parts from these stores to Central Anatolia, Mediterranean, Aegean and South Marmara regions, with 30 service vehicles. Oto Doğu, which making the sale of approximately 110 thousand products, keeps 35 thousand of these continuously in the warehouses. Oto Doğu, where nearly 30 personnel are employed, performs almost all of its shipment operations in its own right. The company also operates in the production sector using plastic injection systems; produces Plant branded wheel covers and Goal Parts branded vehicle bumpers. Products are offered to North African countries as well as the domestic market.
The company had started to use Logo LKS solution in the early 1990s and they were able to view all the goods movements in the company at the management level. In 2000, the shelving and barcoding system was introduced to make it easier for the central warehouse products to be found. So, the system became well accepted.


Oto Doğu is part of a group structure consisting sister companies from retail to hotel management. Following the GO Plus solution, Oto Doğu aims to provide better quality and continuous service to approximately 1,000 customers, and has decided to move to a web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to integrate all processes with its sister companies. Thus, instead of managing business processes such as costing, billing, and purchasing through a remote desktop, it aimed to be web-based and aggregated under a single roof. This allowed to control and manage personnel remotely.


In 2015, with the proposal of Logo solution partner Punto, instead of focusing on the integration of different solutions, J-guar ERP solution was preferred as a future investment. By this means, it will be possible in future for all sister companies to be brought together on this structure. In addition, the flexibility and web services provided by the Java-based system was one of the most important factors in choosing J-guar.

Murat Doğu, 
Board Member, Oto Doğu

As Oto Doğu we always focus doing business relied on Software, not on personnel. By this cause, there is no change in our shipment speed, even if the staff changes. This means customer satisfaction for us. Because we are in the automotive sector, we ship every day and every moment. Therefore, uninterrupted applications are very important for us. With j-guar we have achieved this continuity and flexibility. As Oto Doğu we have been using Logo solutions since years. Logo’s corporate structure and meticulous work have always been an important added value for us. In terms of technical support and continuous accessibility, we are very pleased with the service Punto has provided to our companies since 2006.

Murat Doğu, Board Member, Oto Doğu


In May 2015, after the decision to switch to the Logo branded J-guar solution was made and the preparation process was initiated. The necessary infrastructure for the transition to the tablet system was created by Punto. after the tablets have been successfully applied on the j-guar, the transfer of the data in the existing system onto J-guar has completed.  Both systems were used simultaneously for a while, and a smooth transition was made to the j-guar solution at the beginning of 2016 after seeing that no problems were encountered. As Oto Doğu has been using Logo solutions for a long time, users were quick to adapt to J-guar. Training service was received from Logo solution partner Punto to learn the new applications and use the product in most efficient way.

Punto also developed integrated solutions on j-guar. For example, with the Windows-based Tablet Module, it became possible to access far more data on the screen of the handheld terminals. Moreover, additional developments were made to order, shipment and finance stages. Now in Oto Doğu, customer orders are processed on j-guar; after shipment and customer checks are done, shipment approval is automatically granted. Collected orders can be classified according to shipping patterns. On the other hand, the performances of the sales representatives can also be monitored and reported instantaneously, which improves the business processes and increases the competence of the workforce.


  • Manual processes have been automated, resulting in higher efficiency and faster shipments.
  • The receipt transactions of the products are now ready for completion at the raft. The saved time used for additional control processes.
  • With the Tablet Module developed on J-guar, more accurate data is on the screen, thus more accurate shipments are now being planned.
  • Human errors are minimized.
  • Thanks to Web-based applications, problems from remote desktop solutions disappeared.
  • With the Java platform, additional enhancements have become easier to implement.
  • Customized and Special reports were developed easily.
  • The flexibility & scalability for an growth-oriented IT system was achieved.


Oto Doğu will build an integrated IT system with other group companies who have starting to use Logo J-guar solution. Oto Doğu also continues to work to build a system where products are assembled by robots in the future. The integration process of already produced robots with J-guar was done and tested. When the daily shipment rate is increased to a tipping point, the robotic system is aimed to be implemented. Apart from these, Oto Doğu is planning to use Logo e-Archive and J-guar 3 HR Human Resources solutions. Work is underway for the transition to enable customers and suppliers to log in their orders online.

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