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1.What is the threshold limit for supply of goods in Telangana for GST Registration?
2 Which simplified return can be used by taxpayer if he has only B2C transactions
3.In how many days the composition taxpayer has to file the Form GST CMP – 04 if transitions from a composition taxpayer to a regular taxpayer
4.At what intervals Form CMP – 08 has to be filed by composition taxpayer
5.What is the taxable base for computation of domestic airfares
6.Input service distributor will be distributing input tax credit on the basis of
7.In the Form GSTR – 1, supplies to Export Oriented Units will be shown in which section
8.Advance ruling cannot be sought in which of the case
9.What is the tax rate on services provided by way of loading, unloading, packing, storage or warehousing of rice?
10.What is the percentage of penalty in case if the National Anti-Profiteering Authority has found that the taxpayer has profiteered as per the amendment introduced in the Finance Bill (No 2) 2019 if amount profiteered is not deposited within 30 days