Read our review of a GST Compliance app – Vyapari. Know the features of this application, how it helps SME and MSME to stay GST Compliance while keeping every stakeholder in loop about sales and purchase.

GST Compliance application – Vyapari review

Read our review of a GST Compliance app – Vyapari. Know the features of this application, how it helps SME and MSME to stay GST Compliance while keeping every stakeholder in loop about sales and purchase.

The landmark taxation reform in the history of India attracted severe criticism from the opposition parties and the media. However, more or less, the new system has improved the ease of doing business in India. Though the GST reform brought consolidation among the different states; sole proprietors and enterprises were left in lurch figuring out how to adjust to this new taxation system. In order to solve their hassle, Logo Infosoft has created an application named Vyapari, which aims to ease the hassle of handling accounts and taxation for businesses.

With the help of this online GST Compliance application and mobile app for both Android and iOS, a business can keep a ledger of materials and services, account receivable and payable, purchase invoices, sales invoices at one place and use it to calculate their taxes as well as file for GSTR. The functionalities of this app don’t rest here; you can use it while you are travelling. The mobile version of this app stores the documents and lets you access the GST compliance records anytime. The data is updated on a real-time basis so you can generate your monthly or quarterly returns at any time.

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Feature Highlights

    • Inbuilt checks make sure that the data you enter is GST compliant.
    • Accessible from both mobile and web, no need for any new software, hardware, skills or implementation.
    • Whole team can be added to the app in addition to a CA

No extra costs associated from 3rd party once you paid the annual charges

  • If you don’t like the product, you can decide to discontinue using it after 12 months of payment
  • Post deactivation, transaction data can be retrieved with prior written request. This will be useful if you want to migrate to an alternative.

Registration on Vyapari app

As a business owner, you need to sign up for the Vyapari application from the mobile app. You will receive an email link, which opens a webpage where you need to register your business by entering your GSTIN. Your business PAN details will be automatically populated based on the GST number.
The CA needs to register for the application by entering his/her email ID and mobile number. After that, the business owner can authorize the CA to access their business details. And a CA, of course, can have the authorization to multiple such clients on Vyapari app. This ability to have your CA on your GST and invoice handling application is a unique thoughtful feature.

You can also add team members by going to the User Management section of the application from the web UI.

Desktop and mobile app user interface

There are two ways to access this GST Compliance application, from the desktop WebUI or from the mobile apps. Both versions are distinct, with the mobile version having sections of Sales and Purchase Invoices, Material/Services details, Customers/Supplier details and your company details. The desktop application has Material/Services and Purchase and Sales invoice in common. While GSTR and Accounts Receivable and Payable are only on the desktop. It is not clear why some features are available only on the mobile app and some only on the desktop.

User Experience

Start out with entering details of your customer and material/goods on the mobile application. After you can continue using the mobile application or launch the web application for a bigger display to comfortably add transaction details by creating invoices.

;When we open the home page of the web app, there is a rollover tab which shows the section to see sale and purchase invoice or create a new one. Enter details like AR/AP, type of entry – Material/Service, select the product code, description, quantity and the taxes that are going to be levied are automatically calculated.

The second tab is the material or services tab where you can enter the materials that you manufacture. There you can select the type of material whether it is for commercial use or for service purpose, add the GST code, enter the product mode and description of the material, the unit price and sale price. This GST Compliance application also supports bar code scanning which can make your invoice creation quicker and more accurate.

Move on to the Sales page, here you can add the details of your customer and add the name of the material that you want to supply to him. Then0 you can add additional details like the quantity of the materials, discount information, etc. Based on it, the app will calculate the cess, the CGST, and the total invoice amount. You can add multiple transactions in the same window by clicking on create an entry button.

GSTR filling made easy

The app has further tried to make the process well-defined, by providing state codes in the drop-down list, so that the enterprise or CA doesn’t make wrong entries which could hamper the process of an e-way bill.

The GSTR section helps you to keep a record of the tax returns. We tried using GSTR1 and 3B. The application stored information about the GSTR returns generated using it. You can generate a .xls file or a JSON of your GSTR. The data will be generated as per the government GST portal prerequisites, so your CA will find it easy to file a return. You can also compare the previous year returns with the current one in the application. GSTR4 and GSTR9 and currently not supported in the app.

Scope of Improvement

  • It doesn’t validate the GSTIN number in sync with the state. When I added GSTIN number of a company located in Andhra Pradesh in the customer details and wrote Maharashtra in front of it, it was not able to rectify the technical error.
  • Registering as a CA just required giving your email address and phone number. There is no validation if you actually own that email address.
  • When registering as a CA, I got an email for registration which is made for the business registration process. The page asks for GSTIN which should not be the case when I am logging in as a CA
  • During registering as a business, there is no validation if I actually own that business or not. If somebody else uses your GSTIN to register on the application, you won’t be able to use the same GSTIN again. The only recourse to this will be contacting Vyapari app support team.

Wrap up

Vyapari app is very useful for the SME and MSME who want to simplify the process to calculate taxes and file accurate GST returns. It helps you keep track of your sales and purchase invoices, let’s you team update transactions by allowing them proper access controls, gives your CA the ability to easily verify business data and generate GSTR and the best of them, has checks in place to help you avoid incorrect entry of data. Though the app is still new and has a few issues to fix, it can still streamline your taxation worries to a big extent.

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