Successful E-Commerce with Low Investment

Successful E-Commerce Initiative with Low Investment

7 Important Tasks
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If you want to add e-commerce to your company’s existing sales channels or create an entirely new e-commerce platform, you should work hard because it’s difficult to compete in the digital world. In this guide, we describe the most basic steps you need to take to make a successful e-commerce initiative. At Logo, we recommend that you read our other articles on setting up a website on blog, digital marketing and e-commerce.

E-commerce may seem like a confusing process with the opportunity for many entrepreneurs preparing to take the first step. However, e-commerce has been reduced to extremely practical and easy steps as opposed to starting expertise and large investment.

When it comes to e-commerce investment, of course, the entrepreneur’s biggest concern is cost. Good implementation of key steps and good resource management will directly impact success.


After you have spent your life with your virtual store, you need to spend a lot of time and resources to get to your target audience and increase your shopper’s shopping experience. If you do not try to deal with everything from design to payment systems, you can be out of business a year later with a virtual store that is far from up to date and has many subtleties. ¬†Choose an e-commerce partner who will provide you with complete and regular updates on your infrastructure instead of losing time with complicated programming and R & D operations; while ensuring that your basic operations are complete while you focus on product and marketing.


When building your virtual store, do not solve all your needs by acquiring external resources. Working with professional teams to set up the shop you want or adding specialists to your team will increase the cost. Instead, search for the best software package to meet your needs. Also carefully specify the content that will provide the success of your virtual store. Choosing content that is constantly refreshed and easily updated will reduce your cost and increase time savings.


In order to answer best the questions ‘How to make better sales’ and ‘How to market my products better’, we need to analyze customer and sector information very well. Data analysis will give you the answers you need and make the best use of your resources.


In e-commerce, do not transfer your resources to a single point, just because certain channels will make your business easier. For example, good social media management does not mean you will have a strong market. Ignoring the support and sales team can put you in a difficult situation at the next stage of your operations. Your sales will also be supportive as strong social media campaigns increase the visibility of your brand to the audience. However, you can get support for software to gain access to the target and interact well, but this can be a negative reflection on the long-term if you are thinking about saving. Another example is chatbots. With this application, you can reduce your responsiveness to customers and provide 24/7 interaction, but you cannot solve all the problems of your customers.


To succeed in e-commerce, it’s not enough to just have a good product. You should be able to convince your target to choose your product. In which situations does the consumer prefer a product more?

Research shows that positive customer comments are 70% effective when consumers choose a product. For this reason, let your customers share their comments about your products in addition to the traditional scoring method. Do not forget to take a close look at the product images and write detailed descriptions. If you include incentives such as free shipping, easy returns and discount coupons, your sales will undoubtedly increase.


Going out with a mobile-friendly virtual store is one of the most essential elements for reaching the target audience and making sales easier. With your mobile website, you will be able to access customers 24/7 and follow all the technologies that guide e-commerce at the same time. Your mobile-compatible virtual store will continually enhance your user experience while enabling consumers to easily reach the product they are looking for and complete the sale within minutes, while keeping abreast of the innovations mobile technology has made for e-commerce. Remember, you cannot survive trading with only one physical store.


It is very important that you use social media channels to reach the target audience and attract attention. Research reveals that 62 per cent of the youth has become a loyal customer of the brand they have met in the social media. That’s why you have to identify the platforms on which your target audience is located and produce content for the audience you are addressing. At this stage, you can use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat as powerful marketing tools. Whatever social network you choose, do not forget two basic rules: Be transparent and interact with consumers.

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