Logo Infosoft, established in India in 2016, helps organisations, especially SMEs, improve their core operations through innovative use of technology.

The parent company Logo, is Largest ISV from South Eastern Europe. Launched in 1984 in the business world to develop business application software products for personal computers, Logo has become a global high-tech group of companies, focused on improving business processes through information technology. 

Logo has worldwide presence in the field of business applications with over 2,00,000 customers globally. Click here to read further on the corporate history.

With increasing momentum towards a Digital India, and the transition to the Goods and Services Tax(GST) regime, organisations and their distribution networks demand a scalable technology backbone which they can trust, and Logo brings in decades of experience to accelerate operational efficiency which meet the regulatory and compliance needs.

Logo is one of the very few companies globally with proven ability handling more than 130 million e-Invoices annually. These make Logo a unique choice for enterprises who are looking for technology to support automation and GST readiness.

Logo’s solutions offer a customizable and mutually complementary product family. Among these solutions are products and services such as corporate resource management specially designed by various sizes, sectoral solutions, supply and demand chain automation, business processes design consultancy, and business intelligence solutions.

Vision / Mission

Our Vision

Logo envisions an economic model by which SMEs will maintain their influence in the free markets in a sustainable fashion by entrepreneurship, creativeness, innovation, high added value, and employment.

Our Mission

Logo serves its country and humanity by contributing to increased production, employment and welfare through working for the global success of entrepreneurs and SMEs.